Bikram Yoga Postures

26 Bikram Yoga Postures – Why Is It Called A Hot Yoga?

Bikram yoga (BY) was initially developed from Hatha yoga by Bikram Choudhury. An intense yoga, BY systematically works many different parts of the body. BY uses what is known as the tourniquet effect which is a combination of stretching, balancing and applying pressure to the body at the same time. When BY is practiced, the muscles contract and stretch and the ability of the joints to move is strengthened and increased. Each system of the body is also affected as blood is effectively circulated vigorously through the various postures.

Often called hot yoga, Bikram yoga postures are usually performed in a room that has a temperature of at least 105 degrees and usually 40% humidity. The temperature in the yoga room is kept at this because it allows the body to successfully detoxify, increase the rate of the heart, allows for intense stretching capabilities, prevents the body from overheating, improves mental clarity, focus and function and thins the blood. These are some of the many Bikram yoga benefits.

Some yoga practitioners recommend bikram yoga postures for yoga weight loss because each of the 26 postures are complex and forceful.
Bikram yoga follows 26 postures that include:

1. Pranayama, or standing deep breathing

2. The half moon pose

3. The hands to feet position

4. The awkward pose

5. The eagle pose

6. The standing head to knee position

7. The standing bow pose

8. The balancing stick position

9. The separation of leg stretching pose

10. The triangle pose

11. The leg head to knee pose

12. The toe stand

13. The tree pose

14. The dead body pose

15. The cobra pose

16. The locust pose

17. The wind removing pose

18. The full locust pose

19. The bow pose

20. The camel pose

21. The fixed firm pose

22. The rabbit pose

23. The half tortoise pose

24. The head to knee and stretching pose

25. The spine twisting pose

26. The blowing in firm position

Each of these Bikram yoga postures, or yoga asanas as they are frequently called provide maximum optimization for the body’s many different systems and spiritual depth that many yoga practitioners believe no other yoga provides, which is why it is often recommended as a yoga exercise for beginners. Bikram yoga postures methodically move the blood of the body to each organ and cell creating vibrancy within that cannot be known otherwise.