3 Best Trail Running Training Plans

Trail Running Training

Trail running training requires much discipline and resolve as it can be difficult to maintain the training regimen. Before beginning, it’s important to have the correct equipment.

Selecting the best trail running shoes is essential as they can provide comfort and durability on rough terrain. The best advice is to go to a local sporting goods store and try on several models. Make sure to look for ones with durable outer soles that will protect your feet when running on varied terrains. Once you have your shoes here are some trail running tips.

For those just getting into running, Runner’s World has an excellent program. They start runners off with a combination of walking and running, which helps the runner become acquainted with longer cardiovascular activities. As the training progresses runners will find they can move at a relaxed pace for 30 minutes. For beginning runners, this is an excellent trail running training program because it eases them into it and helps prepare them for running long distances.

Strength Running’s website offers a more comprehensive trail running program. This includes exercises runners can do in the gym such as walking lunges while holding dumbbells and pistol squats. Further, they also recommend barefoot drills, which can prepare runners for barefoot trail running. This program is an excellent way to build muscle endurance that will come in handy when hitting the trails.

For runners looking to compete in trail running races, Elemenja is a great resource. They will help runners prepare for races with an excellent training program, which includes planning training goals, recognizing and maintaining proper nutrition and showing runners how interval training is a great way to build stamina. This is the ideal trail running training program for those looking to get the most out of their workouts and be ready to compete in races.

These are three of the best trail running training programs out there. Whether you are just beginning trail running or are ready to compete in races, you’ll find these programs suitable to obtaining your goals. With easy instructions and ways to gauge your progress, this is the best way to prepare for trail running.

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