Bear Archery Bows

5 Best Bear Archery Bows To Consider Buying

When shopping for a bow, specifically for a Bear bow, there are a lot of things to consider. Hopefully, this article will help narrow it down for you.

1. For the littlest archer in your family, one of the best traditional archery bows to buy is the Wizard Bow. Don’t discount this bow for the looks and price alone. It performs very well.

2. Bear Archery Grizzly Bow is the best recurve bow for the price. Bear Archery Bows are always well made and this one is no exception. At $130, you really can’t go wrong with this bow.

3. The Apprentice may be pink, but don’t let the color fool you, it can still pack a punch. Your daughter or granddaughter will be ready to go with this all inclusive package. Not to be outdone by the girls, there is a bigger version and it comes in a more neutral color for the boys. It is called the Apprentice 2RT.

4. If your little princess isn’t into the color pink, Bear Archery Bows has made the Home Wrecker Ready To Hunt package just for her. This bow will definitely grow with her, but it is also a great first time bow. It is light, quiet, fun and easy to use.

5. The second of the Bear Archery Bows on the list is the Carnage Compound Bow. Even though you only get the bow, no accessories or arrows, this is still a great purchase. The reviewers give this bow five stars for being a very quiet bow, and for performance and quality. Not to mention, it is deadly accurate when shooting.

There you have the top five bows to help in your decision when purchasing your first or 100th bow. It is no surprise that Bear takes the lead in sales over Mathews Bows when it comes time to purchase a bow. And most archery enthusiasts would rather own a Bear over a Browning Bow.