Colorado Mountain Bike Trails

5 Best Colorado Mountain Bike Trails

Colorado Mountain Bike Trails offer the best of everything for cyclists. Much like Utah mountain biking riders will enjoy diverse scenery and challenging trails. Before selecting a trail it’s important to have the proper equipment.

Colorado Mountain Bike Trails have many diverse terrains riders will come across. As a result, it’s important to have a bike that can handle the changes in terrain. Full suspension mountain bikes are ideal as they are lightweight and have the durability needed to handle tough courses.

Once prepared, here’s a look at the five best bike trails in Colorado.

  • The Monarch Crest Trail offers the best in Colorado mountain biking. Bicycle Magazine calls it one of the best five rides in the country. The trail covers 40 miles and includes a descending track over a variety of areas hat include thick forests and desert.
  • The Colorado Trail is one of the best Colorado Mountain Bike trails. It features over 17 miles of single track thereby providing riders with an isolated path to enjoy the views.
  • For those looking for the ultimate adventure the Telluride to Moab Hut to Hut is the perfect course. Riders will cover a variety of terrain that includes snow covered mountain peaks to amazing canyons. The trip takes seven days and riders will stay in a different hut each night. For those looking to test their endurance in an outdoor adventure this is the ideal trail.
  • Palmer Park is one of the most scenic Colorado Mountain Bike Trails. The trail goes around the beautiful Colorado Springs and features a diverse terrain. From smooth paths to difficult climbs over rough terrain, this path has something for every skill level.
  • Denver Bike trails offer cyclists challenging paths winding past some of the city’s attractions. The Greenway Trail takes riders past Riverside Cemetery, home to many of Denver’s founding fathers. Additionally, cyclists will ride past Hudson Gardens. This offers bikers a perfect stop to eat at the cafe or hike through some of the beautiful gardens.

While Colorado has many trails that will challenge their riders you’ll find these to be the five best to check out.