Grand Canyon Hikes

5 Best Grand Canyon Hikes

The Grand Canyon is a vacation destination for many people as it is one of America’s most beautiful natural attractions. As a result, many have wanted to explore the areas around the Grand Canyon. The area has many great hiking trails you will enjoy.

Before you go hiking, it’s important you have the correct hiking equipment. A familiarity with the areas’ topography is great to know which trail hiking shoes to take with you. By preparing in advance, you can have peace in knowing you will have a great experience as well as be prepared for the unexpected.

When you are in the area, here are the five best Grand Canyon hikes.

1. The Bright Angel Trail takes hikers right into the canyon. This is a difficult hike as it features a 3,000-foot return climb according to Sunset’s website. While it is a strenuous trail, hikers will enjoy the breathtaking views and challenges the trail offers.

2. The South Kaibab Trail is another challenging course for hikers and its views make it one of the best Grand Canyon hikes. A focal point of the trail is the aptly named Ooh-Aah Point, where hikers can enjoy unparalleled views of the Grand Canyon.

3. For those looking for an even hike with spectacular views you’ll want to check out Rim Trail. The trail has 12 miles of paved paths making it an easy walk.

4. Hermit Trail’s is a good, challenging hike. With wonderful views of Hermit Canyon and a trip to the Santa Maria Spring, it’s no wonder why this is one of the best Grand Canyon hikes.

5. Lastly, Grandview Trail makes the list for its wonderful views at Horseshoe Mesa. The roundtrip is 6.4 miles, making it an ideal day trip to take in the area’s wonderful views.

Another nice aspect of hiking in the area is the Grand Canyon Field Institute. The institute offers a variety of educational programs such as photography and provides Grand Canyon hiking tours. It’s an excellent resource to check out when you are in the area.

Ultimately, by trying any of these five Grand Canyon hikes, you’ll experience the best this area has to offer.