Motorcycle Speedway Racers

5 Best Motorcycle Speedway Racers in The World

Speedway motorcycle racing is a race that is performed on a flat oval shaped track on speedway motorcycles that have one speed and no brakes, and it originated in 1923 in Australia. This is a more prominent sport in Europe much like motorcycle ice racing is, but not a very popular sport in America or Australia.

Some of the top racers in the world who have won the most World Champion Cups are:

1. Ivan Mauger – Born in 1939 in New Zealand. Won 6 times in the World Champion Cup, which is the world record. Raced in what would today be vintage motorcycle racing with the purchase of his first bike at the tender age of 14.

2. Barry Briggs – Also born in New Zealand, but in 1934. He’s a four time World Cup champion. After retiring in 1973, Briggs was inducted in the hall of fame and he continued to support his fellow racers and the sport of speedway motorcycle racing. There is a book written about Briggs that is available through Amazon and Speedway Star, which is a magazine about speedway motorcycle racing and has all the latest motocross riding gear in it.

3. Ole Olsen – Born in 1946 in Denmark. Won the Speedway World Championship three times in 1971, 75, and 78. In the 1972 race, Olsen fell while he was in second place and was beaten out by Ivan Mauger who won that race.

4. Hans Nielsen – Born in 1959 in Denmark this racer was named one of greatest riders of all times and nicknamed the professor by his peers because of his riding style. He holds the most ever FIM titles in speedway motorcycle racing. He also won the World Championship Cup three times in 1986, 1987, and 1989.

5. Ove Fundin – This five time champion was born in 1933 in Sweden. Fundin won the Speedway Championship in 1956, 1960, 1961, 1963, and 1967. People called him the Flying Fox or just Fox because he had bright red hair. Fundin has a World Cup named after him. There’s also been a book written about him.