New Balance Hiking Shoes

5 Best New Balance Hiking Shoes

Hiking is a wonderful activity in that you can take in wonderful views and get excellent exercise in the process. One of the most important things to do before going hiking is to find proper hiking equipment as this will make the hike much easier on you. The most important equipment to buy is hiking shoes as they can provide comfort and traction on difficult terrain.

Some of the best hiking shoes are from New Balance. Here is a look at the five best New Balance hiking shoes.

1. The New Balance 606 is one of the best trail hiking shoes. With a mesh upper and tough exterior the shoe provides excellent comfort and durability when you are navigating difficult terrain.

2. For women, New Balance hiking shoes are also an excellent option. One of the best is the New Balance 978. This is one of the best waterproof hiking shoes, as it will keep your feet comfort in wet areas. Furthermore, with ABZORB cushioning women will find this the perfect shoe to keep their feet comfortable.

3. The New Balance 967 provides men with a waterproof shoe that also provides nice stability. The Stability Web is a nice feature as according to New Balance’s website it delivers mid foot support and reduces the weight of the shoe. This along with the durability and waterproof material, make it one of the best New Balance hiking shoes.

4. The New Balance 646 is a lightweight shoe designed to stand up to the tests any trails can offer. The shoe also features nice cushion and breathable fabric making it the ideal shoe for any female hiker.

5. The New Balance 900 is a nice shoe that offers amazing versatility. For those wanting to run or hit the trails, they’ll find this to be one of the best New Balance hiking shoes. With Ndurance technology, this shoe provides maximum protection and can stand up to the most demanding trails.

Ultimately, any of these five shoes will be great to wear when hitting the trails. Each provides a nice mixture of durability and cushioning that provides the hiker with comfort and protection. You can buy New Balance shoes online at their website, at any of their stores nationwide and at sporting goods stores such as Dicks Sporting Goods.