5 Best Places To Buy Salsa Dance Shoes For Women

Salsa Dance Shoes

If you are taking Salsa dance lessons, then you are going to need a good pair of dancing shoes. Or, say you are in a dance competition or maybe you just need new Salsa dance shoes, we have the list just for you.

1. LatinDanceStore.com – The #1 place for all your Latin dancing needs. They have a wide variety of dancing shoes, and they also have a unique selection of Latin dancing costumes for sale.

2. ExoticSalsaShoes.com – If you like getting good deals, then this is the shop for you. They not only offer free shipping, but they also have low prices on all their shoes. This shop has shoes for half of what other places are offering.

3. ShowtimeDanceShoes.com – This store has been around for many years and goes to over 40 dancing competition to set up booths so that potential customers can actually try on shoes. They not only have Salsa dance shoes, but they have a huge selection of ballroom dance shoes. They also has locations of competitions listed on their website.

4. Capziorvc.com – This is an actual physical store in many locations. You can either shop in the store or browse online. They have a huge variety of different dance shoes, outfits, gifts and accessories for all kinds of dance including ballroom dances and other activities for men, women and children.

5. DanceShoeStore.com – This website has all the bells and whistles of all the other websites, however this one has a very cool feature; this website allows you the choice of making your own custom shoes. You can match your Salsa dance shoes to your outfit or match your shoes with your dancing partner’s shoes.

For more information on Salsa dancing, visit this fun website: http://www.salsanewyork.com/default.htm. While this author did find a few broken links, it still has quite a bit of useful information. For instance, if you have slippery dance shoes, a tip is shared on this website to dab or step in some soda so that your shoes stick to the dance floor. That is very handy to know! The website also lists more shoe stores, if needed, both locally in NY and on the internet.

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