Tree Climbing Equipment

5 Best Tree Climbing Equipment Suppliers

1. WesSpur- One of the top suppliers of tree climbing equipment is WesSpur. Started in 1982, this company specializes in equipment of all kinds for climbing or working on trees. You will find top quality climbing shoes as well as ropes, harnesses, saddles, and any other equipment that you may need to climb any tree. The prices are very reasonable, and you know you are getting equipment that you can trust and rely on.

2. Sherrill Tree- If you need tree climbing equipment and want to find one of the best suppliers for this then you should consider Sherill Tree. This supplier offers all the equipment needed by the professional and recreational tree climber, with low prices and great quality. You may also find some equipment that can be used as rock climbing gear as well.

3. New Tribe- New Tribe offers all of the equipment you need to climb any tree quickly and safely. You will find tree climbing spurs, ropes, saddles, ascenders, bags, and much more. All of the equipment offered by New Tribe has been tested and is safe to use for your intended purpose. You may even find some clearance items for far less than their normal price.

4. Bartlett Arborist Supply- Bartlett is named one of the top five suppliers of tree climbing equipment by many climbers, and for good reason. The company can supply all of your climbing needs with high quality equipment, including ropes, tree climbing harness and saddle equipment, and much more.

5. Westech Rigging Supply- Westech Rigging Supply offers tree climbing equipment and a variety of other rigging supplies as well. You can buy individual equipment, such as tree climbing spikes or saddles, or you can choose to purchase a climbing kit which includes everything needed to climb trees safely. These kits are available in standard, advanced, or supreme, and can be a great option instead of buying each piece individually.