Weight Lifting Equipment

5 Best Weight Lifting Equipment Manufacturers

For those looking to either develop lean muscle tone or build bulk, a bodybuilding workout program is a great way to achieve the look you want. The exercises are easy to learn and are versatile, meaning you can do them in the gym or at home.

Similarily, setting up a home gym is easy as there are many choices in weight lifting equipment. They range from full machines that offer multiple exercises to dumbbell sets, which are perfect for specialized lifts. The key is to pick out a quality manufacturer, as this will give you a durable product.

Here is a look at the five best weight lifting equipment manufacturers.

  • Powerline delivers some of the best home gyms available. Their systems feature a lateral and row bar, which are perfect for many exercises. Further, many of their home gyms have a leg curl station thereby providing you with a whole body workout.
  • Bayou Fitness gives lifters the best in design with ergonomic machines. This in turn makes their equipment easier to use than other machines. They feature a variety of different options ranging from weight benches to leg presses.
  • You can find some excellent weight lifting equipment made by Yukon Fitness. Their machines have superior construction that offers durability over the long haul. Additionally, they are an affordable option for anyone building a home gym.
  • Champion delivers a full workout option. Their Pro Smith Machine is perfect for those looking to build muscles through squat and dead lift. Their free weights give them an edge over other brands as lifters can use this machine for most of their lifts. By adding a bench they can complete a home gym.
  • Bowflex is one of the best manufacturers of weight lifting equipment. Their innovative design provides plenty of lift combinations as some of their machines can offer as much as 50 different lifts. One of the best features is their resistance technology. Instead of using free weights, which can take up space, their machine allows anyone to receive the workout they want without the bulky plates. The space saving design and affordable price tag is perfect for anyone looking to build their gym.