Hot Air Balloon Rides

5 Important Things To Know About Hot Air Balloon Rides

Hot air balloon rides can provide a scenic, romantic and certainly memorable time for you and your family and friends. Did you know that since you are traveling with the wind, there is very little wind noise? Here are five more important things to know about hot air balloon rides.

1. Ask for a pilot with at least 500 flying hours and five years of experience. An experienced pilot provides more safety and a more enjoyable balloon ride.

2. Choose a scenic location. For example, riding in a Napa Valley hot air balloon can provide one of the most picturesque hot air balloon rides Napa has to offer. Be sure to take your camera to capture the memories.

3. Most hot air balloon rides start early in the morning to take advantage of the calm air at that time of day. Dress in layers because it may be cool in the early morning, but after a couple hours it can get warm.

4. Hot air balloon rides provide a romantic situation for a marriage proposal. Remember to bring the engagement ring, but don’t drop it!

5. A chase vehicle stays in constant contact with the pilot to pick up the balloon and passengers and return them to the starting point. Since the balloon will most likely land in an open field, wear appropriate footwear for hiking from the landing location to the chase vehicle.

Balloons are inspected every year and balloon pilots are certified by the FAA. If you are looking for cheap hot air balloon rides, search the internet for hot air balloon rides near you and compare their rates. Hot air balloon flights can be enjoyed in large groups or just as a couple. Either way, be sure to match the gondola size with the size of your group.