7 Best Utah Mountain Biking Adventures

Utah Mountain Biking

Utah Mountain biking adventures offer cyclists a great way to explore Utah’s amazing terrain. Before setting out on your quest it’s important to follow these mountain biking tips.

The first is to know everything about the trail. Utah mountain biking can be challenging therefore it’s important to know items such as distance, height and terrain of the trail. This in turn can help cyclists make sure they have enough mountain biking suspension for the rougher trails.

Once prepared, here are seven adventures to check out.

  • For those looking for smooth mountain bike riding, try the loop around Utah Lake. It’s a smooth path consisting of 100 miles. This will test a biker’s endurance while providing them amazing views of the lake.
  • Salt Lake City has many bike paths that wrap around the city. This provides cyclists the best way to check out Utah’s capital.
  • Emigration Canyon provides the best of Utah Mountain biking. Along with the smooth riding surface cyclists can enjoy the beautiful landscape of the country.
  • The Arches National Park has a wonderful path for cyclists. The 22-mile journey consists of paved road thereby giving cyclists a smooth ride while enjoy the diverse views of the landscape.
  • One of the best ways to enjoy Utah mountain biking is to check out some of the isolated roads in small towns. In the Cache Valley there are rural roads leading cyclists through some of the smaller towns. Bikers will enjoy the rolling agricultural views of the backdrop of canyons.
  • The Alpine Scenic Loop Highway is a challenging course for cyclists. The course wraps around Mount Timpanogos. Along the way riders will enjoy winding paths that lead through beautiful peaks and glacial valleys.
  • The Moab Bike trails have a reputation for their difficult terrain. This is the most challenging mountain biking as cyclists must navigate through rough terrain. One of the best aspects of the area is they also offer bike trails for any skill level. Therefore cyclists of all skill levels will enjoy the trails.

These seven adventures offer some of the best biking Utah has to offer.

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