7 Factors Affecting Baseball Trading Cards Value

Baseball Trading Cards

Collecting baseball trading cards is an excellent hobby. In addition to it being a great way to pass some time it can net you some money if you know the variables behind what determines the value of baseball trading cards.

Here’s a look at seven factors that affect price.

1. The first will be the player’s relevancy. Is the player at this time or any time in the past one of the top ball players? Did the player have fame outside of baseball? How long has the player been good? These are all factors to consider in this realm. If the player is one of the all time greats like Mickey Mantle, you can bet their cards will be worth more than a rookie.

2. Another factor to look at in the value of baseball trading cards is the player’s past. If they’ve been in trouble like Pete Rose, it may diminish the value of their cards. Furthermore, in instances like Rose’s case where he signs autographed baseballs to raise money you would need something more personalized for it to be of any worth. Signed personalize baseball jerseys may net more than trading cards.

3. The next factor to look at is the condition of the card. The better the condition the more it is worth. If the card has rounded corners, stains or creases, it will lower the value of the card.

4. How rare is the card? If there was a limited edition card of a highly rated baseball player, it may fetch more than the original. Was there an error with the card or was the card’s picture off-center? With some cards this may increase the value as there was only a small amount made, making them much rarer and more attractive to buyers.

5. According to card collector universe’s website, a team may play a pivotal part in determining baseball trading cards value of a player. If the player played with a high-profile team like the Yankees or remained with the same team his whole career, like Cal Ripken Jr., it may help increase the price and demand of the card.

6. If you possess a set of baseball trading cards, there are in some cases where the first and last card in each set might be in high demand. According to eHow, some of these cards were damaged when sent out and many were discarded. This means the few that are remaining might be in high demand depending on the maker of the playing card and the year.

7. Ultimately, just like baseball trading pins, baseball trading cards value is dependent on time. There are varieties of things that can happen that can increase the amount of a player’s card. If that player became a World Series MVP, if they were beloved and just passed away or if they decided to retire, all of these affect the prices.

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