Recurve Bow Hunting

7 Recurve Bow Hunting Tips For Fast Success

Recurve bow hunting is an excellent method to use when bow hunting deer. The recurve on the bow provides more energy, which means you’ll get the maximum effect from each shot. In addition, recurve bows are easier to carry. That way if you are walking a far distance or if storage is a concern this type of bow should minimize difficulty.

Here are seven tips for recurve bow hunting.

1. The first deals with getting the correct size bow. If you stop by a sporting goods store, they should be able to help determine which size would fit best for you. They do this by sizing up your draw length. This is important for several reasons. One, with the proper size it can ensure you receive the most accuracy with each hit as well as provide you with comfort while handling the bow.

2. Once you have purchased the correct size bow, it’s important to buy the correct accessories and practice shooting it. This will give you a familiarity with how the bow operates as well as how far you can shoot the bow with effectiveness. A good tip according to Game & Fish Magazine is to practice at the same height as your tree stand if you are hunting for deer.

3. When you go on trophy whitetail hunts, you’ll want to make sure your stand blends in with the surrounding environment. This allows you to stay hidden as whitetails approach. It’s also important that the smells blend in with the environment.

4. When recurve bow hunting for deer make sure to aim for the heart and lung area. That way if you get a direct hit you’ll likely put the animal down and it makes finding your target after the fact much easier.

5. Make sure you also factor in the maximum range of the bow you will use. This means for recurve bow hunters you’re looking at a 20-foot range. Anything outside that window and you will have to take into account the “arch” factor, meaning you may have to aim up to eight feet higher than the target. Recurve bow hunting takes precise precision so knowing the distance is of high importance.

6. If you want to go wild boar hunting with a recurved bow, it’s important to make sure you have the correct pound draw in order to put the boar down. The safe bet is if you are going to hunt any animal of a larger weight to use a 50lb draw, as this will likely take down even the biggest targets.

7. If you go on guided elk hunts, make sure to follow your guide’s advice and stay as quiet as possible. Also, avoid carrying anything with distinct or strong odors as elk can pick up this scent quickly.