Ab Circle Pro

Ab Circle Pro Review – Is It As Good As Advertised?

If you are looking for an excellent abdominal workout, you have many options available to you. They can range from an ab crunch bench, to ab workout machines. While each offers its own benefits, there are other avenues you may want to try.

One of the more popular machines is the Ab Circle Pro. Many people are drawn to it for its ease of use and the benefits it supposedly offers.

Here are Ab Circle Pro reviews consumer reports that investigate whether this machine is worth the money.

The machine works by using a simple side to side motion. This makes it easier than doing regular crunches as your hands and knees provide additional support. Moreover, the gliding motion is better for your back as opposed to doing traditional sit-ups.

The Ab Circle Pro is supposed to be the best ab machine according to their commercials. The manufacturer touts you’ll lose belly fat. This is supposed to work as the motion you use during exercise tightens your stomach muscles, which will help you shed fat.

Some professionals doubt the effectiveness of fat burning through this relatively low impact exercise. For starters, you burn fat through intense cardiovascular exercises such as interval training or through intense bodybuilding routines. The Ab Circle Pro is not an intensive workout. The side to side motion is easy to do and while it may help you tighten abdominal muscles, it might not provide the results you are seeking.

To burn serious fat, you would need to use the AB Circle Pro along with an excellent conditioning program. Further, a healthy diet rich in lean proteins, whole grains, vegetables and fruit will help you have a slimmer core.

Apart from their claims, another factor to consider is their price. While the machine is affordable, you can buy it on Amazon for under $90, is it worth the money?

The simple answer is to keep your money. There are many ways to do ab exercises where you don’t have to pay a dime. The machine may help you tighten stomach muscles, but this equipment alone will not help you lose fat.