Abdominal Exercise Equipment

Abdominal Exercise Equipment Review

There is a large selection of affordable abdominal exercise equipment on the market to help improve your abs and strengthen your core. Much of this equipment can be used at home or in the gym. Here are a few of the most useful pieces of abdominal exercise equipment.

Exercise Floor Mat – The exercise floor mat should be a part of every bodybuilding workout program because of its versatility. The mat can be located in front of the television, stereo, or personal computer in almost any room of the house or even in the back yard. There are a variety of abdominal exercises that can be performed on the floor mat, including bicycle crunches and the plank exercise.

Medicine Ball – Used in combination with the exercise floor mat, a weighted medicine ball can be used alone or with a partner to strengthen your core.

Pull-up or Chin-up Bar – A chin-up bar can be removable or permanently installed in a doorway. It is one of the most economical pieces of weight lifting equipment and is available online or at a local sport store. Doing chin-ups strengthens your upper body, back and abs.

Vertical Knee Raise Machine – This machine provides one of the best abdominal exercises for women and men – the knee raise. Unfortunately, the vertical knee raise machine is large and generally found only in gyms.

Rowing Machine – In addition to abdominals, the rowing machine works out your shoulders, back and arms.

Large Exercise Ball – Also known as a fitness orb, the large exercise ball provides an endless number of bodybuilding routines.

Choosing the right abs exercises and abdominal exercise equipment can give you the six-pack you’re looking for. You don’t need to spend a lot of money or even make daily trips to the gym. Most abdominal exercise equipment can be purchased easily and used at your home. Go get that six pack!