Abdominal Exercises For Women With Back Problems

Abdominal Exercises For Women

If you have back problems, yet still enjoy the daily exercise routine that lifts the spirit, enlivens the mind and strengthens the body, there are many different exercises that you still can perform that will not hurt the back. It is a common misconception that all abdominal exercises for women will create or exacerbate back problems, but this is not the case. Here is a list of abdominal exercises for women that will keep your back in tip top shape or prevent any further back issues that may already exist. Many women use these abdominal exercises in conjunction with other bodybuilding routines and bodybuilding supplements for their female bodybuilding diets to ensure that they have the full bodybuilding experience even with back problems.

The Cat – with a knee and hands kneel, pull your belly and inhale. By doing this for 15 repetitions, this abdominal exercise for women will provide the necessary structure to get you the abs you desire.

The Pelvic Tilt – lie on your back, bend your knees and prepare to inhale robustly, while tilting your pelvis in the process.
The Crunch – with knees bent and lying on the floor, this routine involves a head nod, much inhaling and exhaling while monitoring your breathing pattern.

Oblique Curl – for those love handles, this abdominal exercise for women is done by placing your right foot on your left knee while inhaling to let your hip drop to the floor. Exhaling is important here due to the rotating involved.

Side Plank – with your body weight on your right side, place your left hand on your hip and begin the inhaling process. Each time you inhale, exhale while bringing your right hip up from the floor. The recommended repetition for this particular abdominal exercise for women is 8 reps.
Reverse Curl – this 12 to 15 repetition curl is performed by getting in the same position as abdominal crunch combined with inhaling and exhaling.
Each of these abdominal exercises for women can also be used for those individuals who own abdominal exercise equipment as that sometimes can make the exercises a little easier to perform.

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