Adjustable Dumbbells Pros and Cons

Adjustable Dumbbells

When working out with adjustable dumbbells, whether individual or in a dumbbell sets, this kind of bodybuilding can be quite effective. Throughout the years, bodybuilding sets such as adjustable dumbbells have gone through many different changes in an effort to make them more convenient and to make them compact in how they take up space in your workout area. Adjustable dumbbells are usually apart of most bodybuilding workout programs, as they offer many benefits for strengthening the muscles. Adjustable dumbbells have many pros, but cons as well. Here are a few to consider when making your next adjustable dumbbell purchase.


Great space saving – dumbbells are constructed nicely in order not to take up too much space in your workout area. They can usually be placed in one area, not taking up too much room or on a specific setup that usually accompanies weight lifting equipment.

Their design is better – in addition to the space saving pros that dumbbells add to your workout, they have been designed better in an effort to make your workout more efficient and riveting.

Dumbbells usually suit every workout – there is not a workout available, where dumbbells cannot become an added addition. The next time you are using any kind of weight benches, consider using dumbbells either prior or post lifting to add depth to your workout.


Cost – while dumbbells are great, they can range in price and usually tend to lean towards the expensive side.

Restrictions – most dumbbells have a limit as to the amount of weight they can carry. If you are a serious muscle builder, you may want to consider using dumbbells in addition to your overall weight lifting routine.

Shifting Weight – if you tend to add more routines to your workout, this can become a problem if you only use dumbbells as most dumbbells weigh up to roughly 50 lbs. The time to use dumbbells can be overspent if this is a part of your daily routine.

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