Al Merrick Surfboards

Al Merrick Surfboards Review

Al Merrick surfboards are considered some of the best boards found in the world. Whether you are looking for a board that is short and wide or long and tapered you will find models that are perfect at Channel Island Surfboards by Al Merrick. The Fred Rubble model is one of the newest versions of boards offered, and this board compares to any Billabong surfboards you will find. There are many other styles and models that you can browse as well, and each will offer specific advantages when you are in the surf. The quality and performance of Al Merrick surfboards is unquestioned, and many of the pros prefer these boards to all others.

Whether you want longboard surfboards, short boards, specialty models, and other types as well. You will find boards which are a perfect fit regardless of whether you are a beginner or an old pro, and there are models which offer speed while others offer more stability or flexibility on the waves. Al Merrick surfboards do not come without a hefty price tag, but this is true with any quality board that performs exceptionally well. If you want custom surfboards then the cost will go even higher, and it may take a little while for you to receive your board depending on the design schedule available at the time.

Al Merrick surfboards are known and loved by surfers around the world, and after riding one of these boards it is easy to see why they are in such high demand. All of the boards are expertly designed and crafted for the best performance, and this ensures that you get top quality every single time. Rusty surfboards are also popular, but those created by Al Merrick are highly sought after. Many of the pros use these boards in competitions, as well as for practice and recreational wave riding.