Alien Workshop Wheels

Alien Workshop Wheels Review

Alien Workshop offers many different types of wheels for your skateboard enjoyment. Through their well known theme of paranoia and graphic design and creators Chris Carter and Mike Hill, Alien Workshop has built a reputation for the From cruiser wheels to the standard wheels, Alien Workshop wheels, are top notch and unmatched. Sold at many different online retailers, Alien Workshop wheels range in price depending upon the type of wheel sought. Alien Workshop also sells apparel such as their Glock and Trucker Mesh caps and accessories such as speed bearings, buttons and keycaps that you can wear with your Alien Workshop Clothing such as the Decoy Flannel, OG Crew or Logo fleece or the Linework Thermal. There is also a variety of different Alien Workshop skateboards such as the Grant Taylor SOTY, and the Salazar Warhol Black and White Ad Series that can be purchased directly through their website or through many different online skateboard retailers.

The question becomes is how does one comment or review a wheel as pristine as the Alien Workshop wheel. Each Alien Workshop wheel, be it the MTaylor Superthane Hexmark or the Dill Warhol II or Dyrdek Warhol II is designed with precision and care. Many customers of Alien Workshop often comment on how their Alien Workshop wheels are sturdy, durable and offer great value for the money. Some users of the Alien Workshop decks have even commented that they are proud to own such as wonderful skateboard. Alien Workshop is known for its wheels and will continue to be known for its insightful approach to wheel making and handling on the skateboards it creates. When someone is using a skateboard because of the atmosphere that surrounds the Alien Workshop wheels, one can tell undeniably that, that particular wheel was created by the paranoia masters of Alien Workshop.