Alien Workshop Decks

Alien Workshop: Where Innovation Meets Art

It was in autumn of 1990 when two enterprising fellows from Dayton, Ohio established a skateboard company that specialized in top-of-the-line skateboard decks that are going to be recognized all over the country. What makes AWS stand out from its competitors is its highly artistic and unique designs in all its skate decks. Each product line is an art in its own right and, combined with patented technologies, the brand has been known for its creativity and innovation.


When it comes to technology, Alien Workshop aims to be the first to offer riders with the finest and most innovative ideas for their decks. It is especially popular for its Ultra Lite boards that combine lightness and strength so perfectly that it would seem that they are made for each other. Skateboard decks from AWS can withstand the pressure and stress of everyday skating. Take your skateboard to the ramp, the street, the part – anywhere – and you’re assured of durability each time you ride on it. One of the secrets in the Ultra Lite technology comes from the High Gloss Paint that AWS uses on its skateboards. This material seals the board and maintains the deck’s stiffness so it slides better.

The company’s new product line also features a corrugated final bottom ply. With this design, the decks are made stiffer and come with lesser surface area so you can create longer slides. This design is mainly available on certain pro and logo decks original to Alien Workshop.

Product line

When it comes to decks, AWS produces three product lines, each one is characterized by the art design but the technology is pretty much the same. The Soldier line, for instance, is characterized by Gothic paranoia art designs. The Limited Edition Pro Series comes in futuristic art deco designs on the deck. Colors are more vibrant on this product line than on the Soldier collection. The pro series also features the corrugated bottom veneer design. The logo decks, on the other hand, are composed of a collection of skateboards that come with the Alien Workshop logo in different designs. Simple yet offering the same level of artistic ingenuity as the first two product lines, the logo edition are currently one of the bestsellers in Alien Workshop decks.

When it comes to wheels, Alien Workshop offers the Pro and Logo collections. The pros are composed of wheels that are an offshoot of the soldier collection of decks. The trucks are mostly designed by the AWS team: Jason Dill, Josh Kalis and Rob Dydrek among others.

The Logo wheels collection, on the other hand, is composed of a selection of wheels that carry the AWS logo in various designs. From the Crystals Blue design to the more colorful Spectrum variant, there’s a wheel that caters to every rider’s taste.

The wheels come in either white urethane, clear core urethane or colored urethane to name a few. Each material comes with its defining features and it’s usually up to the rider to decide which one would suit him best. White urethane is the recommended option for riding over all types of terrains. The Aircore – one of the latest designs – is made of lighter materials. The wheels are generally 15% lighter than the solid urethanes typically sold these days.