All You Need To Know About Soccer Referee Signals

Soccer Referee Signals

Becoming a soccer referee is an easy process that can be very rewarding. Not only would you be helping your local soccer club but you will become an ambassador of the sport.

First, you want to make sure you are wearing the correct soccer referee uniform. They comprise of a shirt, shorts and socks. In addition, you must have soccer referee equipment, which may include a whistle, a red flag, a yellow flag, a red and yellow card and a timekeeper notebook, where you can record penalties and scores throughout the match. There are many websites where you can buy these uniforms often times in sets.

Additionally, in order to become an official you must learn soccer referee signals.

Soccer referee signals utilize your ability to communicate throughout the game and ensure each player is abiding by the rules. Sometimes you may notice a player becoming rough or causing a penalty. In this case, you would want to raise your hand and hold a yellow card for caution or a red card to expel the player.

Furthermore, soccer referee signals help control the flow of the game. If one team has a corner kick, you simply point to the corner where they kick the ball. Additionally, if there was a throw-in, you would take a flag and point it to the direction where the player should throw the ball. Lastly, if one team commits an offsides penalty, you would raise the flag directly above your head indicating this. There are many great charts on Google that list all of the signals.

Once you learn soccer referee signals, then you’re ready to become a certified official.

Soccer referee certification instantly provides you credibility. When looking for matches to officiate your credentials show you have a firm grasp of the rules of the game. In order to gain certification you would want to go to see what requirements are in your state. If you research it on the web by your state often times your state’s soccer federation will appear in the search results. You’ll want to visit their website to determine what requirements they have. Oftentimes, becoming certified means you must take a certain amount of instruction. Many states offer referee clinics or the ability to do the education online. From there you are administered a test and as long as you receive a passing grade you’ll receive certification.

Ultimately, it is an easy process once you learn the rules of the game. Becoming a referee can be a rewarding experience because it provides you the ability to be around the game you love.

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