Backpacking Sleeping Bags Review

Backpacking Sleeping Bags

Backpacking sleeping bags have different requirements than those used simply for camping, and must be lightweight as well as keep you warm in even the coldest temperatures. There are a wide range of products out there, but not all will be ideal for backpacking across Europe during the coldest months of the year or be light enough to carry for miles together with all of your other gear. There are some quality backpacking sleeping bags available at a reasonable cost though, so you can experience the adventure you are looking for without being cold at night or exhausted from carrying a heavier load.

One of the most popular lightweight sleeping bags for backpackers is the Western Mountaineering Ultralite Super, which is a mummy shaped bag that weighs a little more than one and a half pounds but is rated for three seasons. Mummy shaped backpacking sleeping bags are typically more popular because they conform better and will help keep you warmer at night. Another consideration is down versus synthetic materials, and you will find compact sleeping bags that use both types of insulation. Down is generally considered warmer but is more expensive, while synthetic insulation works better in wet conditions and is usually less expensive.

The temperature rating of backpacking sleeping bags is very important, and you should choose a bag that is suited to the coldest temperatures that you may encounter on your travels. You will find bags which are rated only for forty degrees Fahrenheit or above, and others which may be rated for sixty degrees below zero Fahrenheit and will keep you warm even on Mount Everest during a blizzard. Your bag choice is just as important as your choice of backpacking water filters or other essential gear, because your survival could depend on it at some point. The Bison GWS bag by Western Mountaineering is rated to forty below zero, making it a good choice for most trips.

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