Backpacking Water Filters Review

Backpacking Water Filters

Backpacking water filters are an essential consideration because you want to be sure that you are drinking clean pure water while on your trip. You should pay just as much attention to this equipment as you do your backpacking sleeping bags and other gear, because these filters can prevent you from becoming sick out on the trail. Backpacking water filters can be found in various weights, designs, levels of effectiveness, manufacturers, and prices. The best one for you will depend on a number of factors, including your intended destination, budget, weight limitations, and others. There are several models which work very well but are not prohibitively expensive, and which are light enough to be carried around all day.

A backpacking water purifier can be a system that is enclosed in a water bottle, so that the water is filtered before you drink it, or it can be a separate system which cleans and filters the water before you store it. Some of the top manufacturers of quality backpacking water filters include Sweetwater, Miniworks, Bota, MSR, and Katadyn. Platypus and SteriPen are other well known names in this area, and they also offer great products for backpackers. A filter should always be included in any backpacking gear list, because water is crucial and a filter will allow you to access this resource without any concerns about safety or water contamination.

One of the popular backpacking water filters is the Katadyn Hiker Pro, which allows you to filter two hundred gallons of water conveniently, so you know you will not run out of clean water on your trip. The Bota of Boulder Outback Filter is a popular choice for short trips, and this product does a great job of filtering your water. There are filters which are listed as ultralight backpacking gear because they weigh almost nothing but are highly effective. There are many excellent filters to choose from, and the right one will be one that works for both your needs and budget.

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