Ballroom Dancing Lessons For Kids Programs

Ballroom Dancing Lessons

While some schools are abolishing extra curricular activities to save money, the American Ballroom Theater Company has started a non-profit program called Dancing Classrooms that brings a dancing curriculum into the schools. This program was born from the award winning film called Mad Hot Ballroom. Various cities and states in the US have adopted this program into their schools. It is also international. Children now have an opportunity otherwise missed to take ballroom dancing lessons, along with other types of kid’s dance classes to keep it interesting.

The Dancing Classrooms allow children to express themselves in a more positive way. It also gives them a healthy self-esteem and a vigorous workout. They have a better way to be proud of themselves like never before. They also learn to respect and accept one another. This program is about much more than just ballroom dancing lessons, it’s also about gaining confidence, being proud of oneself, and learning how to work in a team.

Most of these programs are directed towards inner city children, however this ten-week program in smaller cities and towns is helping a good amount of children, and at a pivotal age – 5th and 8th grade students. After the ten weeks are up, the students who want to learn more can continue on with a more challenging ballroom dancing lessons program during the weekends and can compete in competition for ballroom dances. More formal outfits, such as ballroom dance shoes and costumes are required for the competitions. Some schools put on dances for the parents of the students to watch. And yet, some schools, like the ones in North Texas have classes for the parents to participate in.

While this program doesn’t have private dance lessons, the groups are fairly small for more one on one instruction.

If your city doesn’t have this program, contact Dancing Classrooms for your school to participate in ballroom dancing lessons. Your children and your community as well, could benefit from such a program, because it is much more than just a dance class, it is a lifestyle change for the children.

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