Barefoot Running Injuries

Barefoot Running Injuries – Ball of Foot Pain!

Barefoot running can be a fun and exciting way to hit the trails. While it is a great way to enjoy exercise it can also result in running injuries if the runner is not careful.

Barefoot running injuries are common and beginners are especially susceptible to them. The adjustment from running in shoes to bare feet takes time for a body to adjust to. Too often, people begin barefoot trail running without doing research or overdoing it. This can cause barefoot injuries really quickly. The key is to slowly adjust your legs, hips and feet to this new form of running.

One piece of advice is to seek out resources on barefoot running. They can provide runners with what to expect from adjusting to the new running style as well as tips to prevent injury.

Additionally, having the correct barefoot running technique is an essential component to injury prevention.

Many times barefoot running injuries happen due to using incorrect form or technique. This in turn can cause pain on joints, muscles and the ball of the foot. If this happens, it’s important to first take time off to rest, ice and recuperate. When hitting the trails again, pay particular attention to form as it can go a long way in preventing barefoot running injuries.

For those who want to try barefoot running but still want the protection of shoes there are many barefoot running shoes to check out.

While it may seem odd to have shoes for running barefoot this is a great way to bridge the gap for some. These shoes mimic what it is like running barefoot so runners gain a feel of what it would be like with the added security of a shoe.

In conclusion, barefoot running injuries can be prevented by learning much about technique and slowly introducing the body to this new style. By doing so, it provides the body enough time to adjust to this new running style. It’s also essential the runner has the correct form. When doing both of these it will go a long way to reducing injuries.