Baseball Trading Pins

Baseball Trading Pins – History Behind Tradition!

Baseball trading pins are becoming more popular with youth baseball players, particularly at AAU and All-Star tournaments. Much like baseball trading cards, baseball pins are designed to be traded from one player to another. But baseball trading pins can also be collected like autographed baseballs.

Baseball trading pins were first made popular by Disney Trading Pins and Olympic Trading Pins. As youth sports has grown dramatically over the last couple decades, the trading pin industry has gained popularity. Some tournaments even require each team to bring baseball trading pins.

Pin trading helps players from different teams meet each other. As baseball trading pins are traded at tournaments and sporting events, friendships and bonds are formed that may last long after the tournament is over.

Baseball trading pins are made more valuable in two ways: their design and the success of the team in the tournament. The more outrageous the pin’s design, the more coveted it is by pin traders. An eye-catching pin may be traded for multiple normal pins. Also, as a team progresses through a tournament its pin becomes more valuable to traders. After all, who wouldn’t want the pin from the team that won the tournament?

The price of baseball trading pins is based on the size of the pins, the order size, the style of pin, and the quantity and design of add-ons.

Get in the game! Get your youth baseball team loaded up with baseball trading pins.