Ab Crunches

Best Ab Crunches While Sitting For Lower Ab

Doing ab crunches is a great way for you to build a stronger core. The best part is, you don’t need expensive equipment like an ab crunch bench or ab workout machines to accomplish this. Instead, here are some tips to build rock hard abs.

Ab crunches can be done in a variety of ways. If you are sitting, move to the edge of the couch or chair. Before beginning, make sure you have enough room to move your legs. When ready, the first exercise you’ll want to try is leg lifts.

This is a simple exercise with effective results. To begin, have both feet flat on the ground. You’ll want to lift one foot up as you slowly bring the knee towards your chest. The higher you lift your knee the more you’ll be able to feel your abdominal muscles in the side and lower sections to begin working. You’ll want to raise your knee to around hip level then slowly lower it. Next, you’ll want to repeat the same process with the other knee.

Another great exercise for you to try is the two leg lift. This one requires a bit more finesse, but can work many different areas. To do this, you’ll want to sit on the edge of your seat and lean back, grabbing the sides of your chair with your hands. Next, you’ll want to put both knees together, bend them, and then bring them toward your chest like in the other exercise. As you pull your knees closer toward your chest, you’ll find all of your stomach muscles working hard. This means you are doing it correctly. Once you feel them clench, slowly return your knees to the ground.

Ab crunches are an effective exercise you should incorporate into all bodybuilding routines. The key is to start slow, only doing several sets at a time, that way you build your muscles up over time without overusing them.

Moreover, as you continue to build stamina, you’ll notice a huge difference in the shape and feel of your stomach muscles.

Ultimately, ab crunches are a great way to build a stronger core. As illustrated above, you can do an excellent workout without having to buy expensive equipment like an ab circle pro. Instead, focus on getting the form correct and taking it slow. This will yield better results for you in the long run.