Ballroom Dance Shoes

Best Ballroom Dance Shoes – How To Choose Them?

Ballroom dance shoes are an essential part of any ballroom dancing that you do or lessons that you take, and choosing the right shoe is very important. There are several factors and elements that you should look at with each shoe you are considering, and a quality shoe can run from sixty to one hundred dollars or more. Ballroom dancing lessons will help you get comfortable performing dance moves, and having the right shoes will allow you to do your best and execute the moves flawlessly and safely. Your ballroom dance shoes should not have a slippery sole, because you will need the sole to grip the wooden floor while dancing. Brushed leather soles are a good choice, because they offer more traction.

Capezio ballroom dance shoes are one of the top brands, and if you have an outlet for these shoes in your area this can be a plus. Decorations should be minimized on any pair you buy, because these can interfere with your movement and sustain damage while you dance. Any straps should be comfortable, without rubbing that can cause blisters. Your ballroom dance shoes should be comfortable and support your feet, never buy a pair that fits snugly. The shoes should be lightweight and easy for you to move in, and salsa dance shoes or those intended for other Latin dancing should include a flared heel for better support.

You do not have to wear ballroom dance shoes with a heel if you have back or leg pain or other problems. It is possible to find shoes with a lower heel that are designed for ballroom dances, and these come in many beautiful styles as well. You do not have to choose a shoe with high heels if you have difficulty keeping your balance, and a lower heel is better for your back and legs anyway according to the expert. Always try the shoe on to ensure an excellent fit.