Best Basketball Drills For Kids At Home

Basketball Drills For Kids

The game of basketball is one that has always fascinated kids and is a sport that allows for constant movement as the players have to travel back and forth on the court. Becoming a quality basketball player require practice in order to obtain the necessary skills needed. To better teach kids the game of basketball, it is recommended to teach them drills. Basketball drills for kids provides them a stable foundation of the rules and regulations associated with basketball, while strengthening their body in the process. There are three major components of the game of basketball. They are: perimeter, post play and defense. One cannot become an excellent player without understanding these three components. Other important areas within the game of basketball are drilling and footwork. There are many basketball drills for kids that one can teach at home. Here are a few basketball drills that can be done at home.

The Full Court Layup – a basketball dribbling drill, this is when the player receives an inbound pass where the three point line meets the free throw line and then the player immediately dribbles a layup into the opposite basket.

The Rebound – a basketball footwork drill where the players toss the ball and jump as high as they can to get the ball. This basketball drill for kids forces them to try and catch the ball as quickly as they can, using their feet. This could also be noted as a basketball passing drill.

The Jumper – one of the first moves learned in basketball where the player tries to make the shot from behind the free throw line. This youth basketball drill is one that many kids enjoy because it is a common move in basketball games on courts at gyms and parks that they have seen done before.

The Ball Denial – a basketball defensive drill that allows the kid to work their feet while trying to keep their opponent from taking the ball.

Defensive Slides – this particular basketball drill for kids’ forces players to slide their feet back and forth in a horizontal movement thereby strengthening their leg muscles and getting their feet moving. This is a powerful basketball footwork drill.

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