Best Downhill Skis – Top 10 Choices!

Downhill Skis

Downhill skiing provides an exhilarating experience. As with any activity, choosing the correct equipment ensures you’ll remain safe.

Downhill skis come in a variety of sizes and types. The first step to determining which downhill skis you need is based on terrain type. If you are going to a resort this may not factor into the equation as they offer ski equipment packages, however; if you bring your own downhill skis it’s important to make sure they are right for the terrain.

Next comes sizing. Downhill ski sizing is important as it will play a pivotal role in a skier’s ability to maneuver. Along with skis many skiers have downhill ski poles that help them when they make a turn or land a jump.

For those looking to buy downhill skis, here is a look at the ten best.

1. The VOLKL Mantra-All-Mountain-Ski is great for those looking to tackle the front of a mountain. The design is perfect for those looking for grip and the construction makes it durable when encountering a variety of terrains.

2. For advanced women skiers, the NORDICA Women’s Nemesis Freeride Skis are the perfect rocker skis. Women will love the control these provide.

3. The ATOMIC Nomad Smoke Ti-All Mountain Skis with XTO12 Bindings combines innovation and superb construction. The skis feature titanium, which is perfect for those looking for rebound in their ride.

4. The SALOMON Lord All Mountain Skis offer versatility. They are designed for multiple terrains thereby making this the ideal ski for those who visit frequent mountains.

5. For those looking to tackle multiple mountain terrains the K2 AMP Live Wire All-Mountain Skis with M2 10.0 Bindings is the perfect fit providing rocker tips, which is perfect for control.

6. The Nordica Men’s Hot Rod Tempest Integrated Ski System is great for advance skiers. The ski quiver provides a great range in motion giving the skier more control when speeding down a hill.

7. The SALOMON Shotgun Freestyle Skis has a sharp look and even better handling features. The rubber pulse pad helps riders get the most out of their control by reducing shock.

8. A new model from SALOMON is the SALOMON Men’s Enduro LX 730-All Mountain Skis with L10 Bindings. This is perfect for winter sports enthusiasts looking to go down hill on multiple terrains.

9. The K2 Women’s Secret All-Mountain Skis with ERP 10.0 Bindings is one of the best skis available for women. The skis design focuses on reducing shock, which in turn doesn’t disrupt the rider’s energy and control.

10. For children just getting started in downhill skiing, the VOLKL Youth Shiro Jr. All-Mountain Skis is the perfect ski to choose. The rocker tips make the skis easier to control for the rider thereby providing an awesome ride experience.

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