Field Hockey Balls

Best Field Hockey Balls Manufacturers

Field hockey is great sport that could be played year round and by players virtually of all ages. Learning how to play field hockey and comprehending the rules of field hockey is an entertaining journey no matter what age you are. The age that most players start learning the rules of field hockey and playing it depends on the country that the sport is played in. Over the years, field hockey has become very popular because of the way it allows one to both gain exercise and play a riveting sport. Field hockey is a fast paced game. The objective of field hockey is to move a small ball around the field, past the goalie and into an opponent’s goal. Skillful play of field hockey requires clever manipulation of the ball. When controlling the ball, you need a series of endurance moves and tricks to maintain adequate possession of it. There are many field hockey teams that understand the basics and advanced ways to play field hockey and keep the ball within their control.

Whether you are practicing, or playing a friendly game or even a competitive one, there are some items to consider in determining which field hockey balls are the best of the best, the crème of the crop essentially. Field hockey equipment is very important in that the players must know how to successfully use the equipment, whether its field hockey sticks, or field hockey balls. Balls associated with the sport of field hockey are designed to be played on a variety of surfaces and range depending upon one’s budget. They come in a myriad of colors and designs, ranging from match, training , smooth and dimple balls, colored ones and those balls that are considered lightweight when held and played in the game.

Hockey balls come in a rainbow of color choices ranging from white, pink or orange, but not always. Some field hockey players consider white the best color to use in a game. The material used in making field hockey balls is solid plastic and the core is usually made of cork.

Regulation in the game of field hockey states that a field hockey ball must have strict weight requirement between 5.5 to 5.75 ounces. The circumference of a field hockey ball must range from just over 8.75 inches to roughly 9.25 inches. These types of hockey balls are priced relatively cheap for the most part ranging anywhere from $4-30 a ball depending upon the type of field hockey game that is going to be played.

Field hockey rules have hockey ball requirements as well. Normally, a ball can be lifted either lower than a player’s knee or higher than an individual’s head. If the ball doesn’t put in one in a dangerous position, the ref can waive a punishment. The ball is usually lifted by what are known as scoops. Players are usually allowed to take shots on the goal as long as they do not pose a danger. Here is a list of some of the best balls in field hockey that are impressive, and offer a superb game to both boys’ and girls field hockey teams.

The STX Official Field Hockey Game Ball – one of the most universal balls that can be played on virtually any surface. The ball itself was designed to be played on grass, or in an indoor court. Its durability provides players the ability to play every day with it. The surface of the ball itself is superb and could be rough handled without causing any damage to the ball itself.
Kookaburra Dimple – one of the balls played by various national field hockey teams, this is one of the most widely known and sold balls in its class. The exterior of the ball allow for it to have extra wear resistance while enhancing performance during the game. The ball itself is one of the more solid balls of field hockey available.

Penn Montro Tournament Field Hockey Ball – a ball that is durable, robust and waterproof. Players using this ball will be able to immediately feel its impact. Younger field hockey players will find the ball equally wonderful because of its exceptional power.

CranBerry Super Smooth Turf Ball – engage yourself in what the majority of field hockey turf players stand by. The ultra slick exterior makes for faster play and a remarkable purchase. The ball is intended for turf, but can be played on grass or a court also.

Choosing a field hockey ball is an engaging process because of the types available. It is important in your field hockey ball selection to read reviews on the best types to use for the particular surface you are playing on or whether the game is a boys, girls or professional game. Many manufacturers recommend certain balls for the sport based on certain criteria you are using.