Florida Bike Trails

Best Florida Bike Trails – Paved vs. Natural!

Florida bike trails offer cyclists the chance to ride through many different terrains. Where as some Florida mountain bike trails are more difficult than others, each provides riders with a chance to discover Florida’s beautiful landscape.

As with bike trails anywhere, the terrain may vary. For those looking for a smooth ride on a single speed road bike, a paved road it the best route to go. If you are a cyclist looking for a challenge then natural terrain will be the ticket as it will provide more resistance and requires more skill to navigate.

Regardless of which way the cyclist goes here is a look at Florida’s best biking trails.

The Jacksonville Baldwin Trail is a paved route that features roads going through some rural areas. Along the way bikers will come across lush forests and abundant wildlife. This is a great way to enjoy a day route on a well maintained path.

The West Orange Trail is one of the best central Florida bike trails. The trail goes through Winter Garden where riders can stop and shop at the bike shops or grab a bite to eat. The paths are smooth and you’ll find the shade from the trees a good reprieve on hot summer days.

For those looking to ride along wildlife the Shark Valley Trial is one of the best Florida bike trails. On the south side of the trail there’s an observation tower where riders can see a great view of the wildlife, including many alligators. Moreover, it’s not uncommon to come across them on the trail!

Sanibel Island is the perfect combination of Florida hiking trails and biking. Riders will enjoy amazing views of the waterfront. Some of the trails go right by visitor areas such as restaurants, shops and lighthouses.

Sebring Raceway is in proximity to Highland Hammock State Park. There riders will find beautiful Florida bike trails where riders will go on paved routes through forested areas.

Ultimately, there are many excellent Florida bike trails for riders to check out. For those looking for a smooth ride you’ll find Florida’s paved bike paths to be the best way to enjoy the surroundings while working up a sweat.