Motorcycle Ice Racing Tires

Best Motorcycle Ice Racing Tires – Top 5 Picks By Experts!

Motorcycle ice racing is a primarily cold climate sport in Canada, Northern America and Europe. Other areas sometimes have these races in buildings like hockey rinks. To ice race with a motorcycle, you need specialized tires, either regular snow tires or studded tires made especially for ice racing. In some areas, using studded tires is illegal.

Studded tires are simply screws or bolts that is screwed into the tire. Some may be sharpened into a point for better traction.

Non-studded Tires

1. Bridgestone Blizzak – Can be found at most tire stores and Sears. These tires are more popular in Europe and Japan.

2. Nokian Hakkapeliittas – The newest version of these tires have small square studs for better traction in the ice and snow. These can be found at specialty tire stores and on Amazon.

Basically, any deep grooved snow tire will work well to hold studs if you want to try to stud your own tire. There are step-by-step instructions on the internet, as well as a list of supplies needed to stud your own motorcycle tires. Specialized screws and adhesive to keep the screws in place are needed to prolong the life of your tire.

Studded Tires

It is hard to find studded tires already made because laws require them to be a certain length. Not to mention, some racing regulations do not allow studded tires.

1. Dual Sport Studded Pirelli MT-21s – The reviews on these motorcycle ice racing tires say that it is better in the dirt, snow, or road. Not necessarily a tire for ice racing. However, it is the best selling dual sport tire.

2. IRC Rocky Trail Studded – These tires are dual sport tires, but they are for off road riding. Caution is to be used with these motorcycle ice racing tires when on bare roads. These tires are to be used by very experienced riders.

3. IRC Deep Snow Spiked – These tires are excellent for ice and deep snow, but not for rocky terrain and the bare road. These tires are for the experienced riders. IRC also makes speedway motorcycle racing tires.