Best Soccer Dribbling Drills: Moves and Ball Control

Soccer Dribbling Drills

Soccer dribbling drills allow the players to run with the soccer ball at their feet. Whether it is through soccer dribbling moves, soccer dribbling techniques during practice or soccer dribbling games, players can learn one of the core skills of the soccer game through soccer dribbling drills.

Take a look at this list of soccer drills that can be used in addition to soccer conditioning drills, soccer shooting drills, soccer training drills and soccer passing drills.

  • The Breakout – a simple drill that is also a technical soccer drills method that instills in each and every player to keep their head up during the game. The drill is done in a circle and cones are needed as well. Put the cones encompasses about the circle with as much of an equal distance as possible. Tell your team players to shout breakout and they have to dribble the ball as fast as they can from the circle to the cones that you set up. The winner of the drill or breakout game has to come back to the circle before any of the other players. The purpose of the drill is to have fun and not to be too strict in the soccer dribbling skills of this as arguments can often happen depending upon how fast the players are at dribbling.
  • Wingers Dribbling – many coaches often state that there is a time for dribbling drills during practice. The winger has to be on their A game in order for the drill to work. Dribbling is considered to be a high reward skill that players have to learn in order to effectively score specific wins during a soccer game. Coaches often will criticize their players about losing the ball during a game. It is important during the drill, and for any drill for that matter that coaches do not criticize their players but create a sense of confidence in their players. A winger does not have to dribble the soccer ball past the defender in order for the drill to work properly. The players can execute a one-two, which is always effective for the winger as it allows them to drag the particular marker they created with them to the soccer ball.
  • Soccer dribbling drills for kids – kids dribbling drills are important to put into a training session or practice. Drills tend to stay with them for the rest of their lives. Many soccer drills that kids practice are defensive soccer drills, and foot drills for dribbling. Both of these convince the kids that soccer is a fun and exciting game and they learn in the process how to beat the defenders in an actual game of soccer.
  • The Nutmeg Move – another defensive dribble drill, this forces the opposition to try and knock the ball between the defender’s legs. The drill is a good fitness drill and provides great exercises for the players who participate in it.
  • The Cruyff turn – this drill allows the player to keep control of the ball and make sure the opposing team or player does not get a hold of it. The key factor in this drill is to drag the ball behind the standing leg with the inside of one’s foot. This allows the body to be shaped as if the ball were going to be passed. By doing this drill, it creates plenty of practice in the players as they learn to lose an opponent. The drill was created by Dutchman Johan Cruyff to be one that is lively and invigorating to players.
  • Reaction Dribbling Drill – this dribbling drill gets players in react mode. The players are put in attack positions and they alternate their responsibilities throughout the drill itself. Extra players can be added if needed but typically there are three or four to begin with.
  • Dribbling in a Square – running around in a square keeps the players moving and having control of the ball. This drill creates a comfort level in the soccer players and improves their overall dribbling skills. All eleven players should be included in this drill. This allows the players to learn how to keep the ball as close to them as possible without any tackling.
  • The Defender Element Drill – take the ball and run with it is the aspect of this drill. In the hopes of providing a sense of enthusiasm in the players, the defenders are more challenged in this drill because of the confidence they need to have in dribbling. The defender is constantly moving to protect their attacker from having free reign to run.
  • The Attackers Disguise – the players learn how to show a disguise when they are in attack positions with this drill. All age soccer players can participate in this drill. This drill is quite creative in the sense that the players are constantly changing pace and the intentions of their body parts.

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