Soccer Drills For Kids

Best Soccer Drills For Kids

Using fun and innovative tricks, you can create soccer drills for kids that will keep them engaged. The most important aspect especially when starting out with kids is keeping the drills fun so they remained focus on the task. Before you implement any soccer drills for kids, it’s important they have the proper uniforms.

Kids soccer uniforms include a shirt, shorts and socks. In addition, they want to wear a cleat that is comfortable and provides traction on the service they will be playing. Shin guards are also important in protecting children and preventing injury. Like the uniforms, you can purchase them online or at a variety of sporting goods stores.

Once the kids are properly equipped, it’s time to start soccer drills for kids. According to, a game called hit the coach is an excellent way to build skills and maintain their attention at an early age. The game works by giving each player a ball. The coach is the target and as the game begins players dribble the ball to get close to the coach in hopes of shooting the ball at him. This in an excellent idea as it helps kids learn how to control possession, steer their shot and have fun in the process.

Another focus for soccer drills for kids deals with footwork. Soccer footwork drills provides players practice and gives them familiarity of how to control the possession and accurate pass or fire a shot. In terms of ball control, a great idea is to have two teams of four players. The attack team will drive the ball up the field and pass, whereas the defense will try to take the ball away. This is an easy and fun kids soccer drill that not only keeps the players more involved, it also provides them real match application.

There are more specialized drills that deal with players who will play goalie. Soccer goalie drills help the goalie develop instincts and techniques to prevent goals. There are many facets to becoming a good goalie. This entails training goalies with dive, reflex and recovery drills. You can begin with something simple such as having a goalie dive to catch the ball, and then have them get back up quickly and turn to face their opponent. This teaches quick response times and may prevent a second chance goal.

Finally, as students reach the high school level, drills become much more developed. Soccer drills for high school deal with refining techniques in footwork, fitness and thought process during the game. This will include more team play with greater emphasis on attack and when losing possession quickly adjusting to defend. According to, a great drill is the four-corner passing drill. This allows the attack team to pass between four corners in hopes of scoring a goal while a goalie and three defenders try to prevent this. Once a player scores a goal from one corner, that corner is out of play. The drill helps players keep the ball out of congested areas and improves their passing skills.