Soccer Passing Drills

Best Soccer Passing Drills For Beginners

Soccer is a one of the hottest sports in the world popular in Europe, South and North Americas and virtually anywhere in the world promoted by world’s soccer icons like David Beckman, Cristiano Ronaldo, Luis Garcia, Fernando Torres and many others. Players’ sexy physique multiplied by unbelievable skill levels and built up excitement of the game are what keeps bringing one generation after another into the sport.

If you are just starting out in the game of soccer, please check out our list of the best soccer passing drills.

1. Short passing – the short passing drill’s main focus is on making low passes with the inside of one’s foot, which allows for easy control. This is often one of the recommended soccer passing drills for high school and is sometimes used as a training measure in youth soccer passing drills.

2. Shuttle passing – this drill encompasses passing, receiving and conditioning. Shuttle passing can be used to practice heading and a whole host of other ball skills. To set the drill up, the players are put into groups of three and on the coach’s command, the player in the middle of the soccer field runs towards the player who is at one of the designated ends of the soccer field asking for the ball to be passed to him/her. The player at the end of the field then in turn, passes the ball to the middle player, who then passes it back. It becomes a drill of back and forth with the middle player and the player at the end of the soccer field. In order to increase the difficulty of the drill, some soccer coaches will make the middle person use only one touch, which increases the need for attentiveness. The drill can be further developed by using one ball and informing the middle player to receive a pass from the end player and then turn with the ball. The shuttle passing drill is a very good drill for improving basic ball control skills and for fitness. Shuttle passing is a frequently used soccer passing drills for kids.

3. Distance passing – This particular soccer drill works with six players, although more players can also participate. The point of this drill is to strike from a particular distance given the set-up of the drill itself. This drill is often used in soccer practices and soccer training drills exercises. The noteworthy things to look for in this drill are an angled approach prior to striking the ball and no curve on the pass.

4. Goalie pass drill – this drill incorporates a distribution from the goalie and the players build from the back in contrast to launching the ball up the soccer field. The drill has a high rate of success as one of the most often passing drills for soccer.

5. Constant passing drill – in a match like set-up, this drill is an effective way to coach soccer players. Often soccer warm up drills exercise, this drill is perfect for building fitness and agility in the soccer players and allows for a competitive edge during games if instituted. Using two players, the bottom player will run from left to right and give a square pass to the player who is on the opposing side. The player at the top of the field has to do the same thing from right to left. Each of the players have to keep up with the strategic drill in order to receive and then pass. The drill imposes a constantly moving efficiency.

6. Devastate Your Defense Passing Drill – as quiet as it is kept, this drill improves one’s basic soccer skills and the ability for them to control and pass the ball with ease. One of the basic techniques that can be combined with soccer finishing drills, the defense devastation because of the combinations of players on the field makes this drill quite effectively and relished among soccer novices and experts alike.

7. The Switch play – to keep the game flowing, this drill is often put into practice because of the open space created by the offensive players. The open space creates many match winning opportunities. The players would need to have a particular insight into how this drill works beforehand in order for it to be properly executed. Many coaches will have his/her players practice this drill in a gym or similar area first to get an awareness of how the sequencing of the drill works to ensure a goal scoring game. Concentration is the key with this drill in addition to establishing control skills of the soccer players.

8. Movement off the Ball Soccer Passing Drills – this helps to keep the players moving and passing. Coaches and soccer experts will often recommend this drill to instill good fitness routines in the players. In this drill, five players are required, with one being on the defense. This allows the drill to work properly, while ensuring the players are having fun at the same time. The drill has been quite effective in teams winning games.