Best Tennis Balls For Clay Courts vs Hard Courts

Best Tennis Balls

Tennis is played on all kinds of surfaces such as grass, clay and hard courts. Every surface has individual characteristics unique to that type of surface that affect the way the game is played. It is important to have the best tennis balls and the best tennis rackets for each of the varying surfaces. There are three different types of tennis balls available to purchase that include championship, professional and recreational. Professional tennis balls tend to be used in tournaments such as Wimbledon and the Australian open, while championship tennis balls are used for local games. Recreational tennis balls, sometimes known as practice tennis balls, are used in tennis camps and schools. The best tennis balls are also divided into categories ranging in speed ability. Most tennis players tend to use the medium speed best tennis balls, although there are slow speed and fast speed options available also.

Two balls can be pressurized or unpressurized. If the tennis ball is pressurized, the ball will have a core that is filled with air. These types of tennis balls lose their ability to perform properly after about two months or so. Unpressurized tennis balls tend to last longer as their core consists of a rubber or rubberlike material. These tennis balls usually last longer than pressurized tennis balls. Wilson tennis balls, which are some of the most popular tennis balls, come in both pressurized and unpressurized. One of the stark differences between unpressurized and pressurized tennis balls is the prices, as unpressurized tennis balls tend to be priced higher.

So are there differences in the tennis balls that one uses on hard court vs. clay courts? Yes, there are. Since clay courts tend to make the tennis player slide more, the recommended tennis balls for this type of surface are regular duty tennis balls because they do not absorb a lot of clay on their skin. To identify these types of tennis balls, manufacturers will print their brand name in red letters. Hard courts are usually made of grass or asphalt material and require tennis balls that are heavier and more durable. To identify these types of tennis balls, companies put their brand name is black. With the use of all of these best tennis balls on the various types of courts, many times players will bring tennis ball hoppers, which allow for easy pickup.

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