Best Tennis Racket For Beginners

Best Tennis Racket For Beginners – Top 5 Picks!

It is important for those learning the game of tennis to be able to enjoy the game. The learning curve, while a steep one in any sport, allows for improvement over time through continued practice. In order to make the learning curve less steep, one of the essential basics is finding the best tennis racket for beginners. Racket manufacturers make all types of rackets such as rackets for the novice, the intermediate tennis player and for the established pro. The best tennis rackets for beginners are lightweight, having an oversized head with a somewhat stiff flex. By having the lightweight racket, the power and topspin ability is able to allow the novice tennis player to learn how to swing the racket. The best tennis rackets for beginners range in price and style. Once the tennis racket is purchased, it is recommended that one purchase a tennis racket cover. Here is a list of the top 5 best tennis rackets for beginners.

1. Wilson Tennis rackets – Wilson Tennis rackets are some of the best and most durable rackets for beginners. Many sports stores and outlets will often price these tennis rackets for sale to make them more enticing for those interested in the sport of tennis to try them out. One racket in particular that is highly recommended is the Wilson n1. With a lighter weight, this best tennis racket for beginners allows the player to have more power in their serve, despite them just starting on their tennis journey.

2. Volk Organix V1 Oversize – ranging anywhere between 50 and 60 pounds, this lightweight tennis racket allows for less string tension and an overall better serve on the court. The price of this tennis racket is around $200.

3. Prince Triple Threat Bandit – this particular tennis racket allows for a moderate swing on the tennis court, while allowing the control and a comfortable grip. Weighing roughly close to 60 pounds, this racket presents a manageable maneuverability for new tennis players.

4. Head Youtek Three Star White – this heavy hitting, yet somewhat light weight tennis racket packs a lot of punch to be a beginner racket. Designed with the slow to moderate swing speed tennis player in mind, the player is able to gain considerable control of their swing with this racket. Selling at about $150 online and in retail stores, this is racket deserves a place on the list because of the suitability it provides.

5. Dunlop Aerogel 4D 500 – this particular racket is more so for those tennis players who intend on moving towards being a tennis guru. It packs a lot of power and offers incredible control for the player.