Trail Hiking Shoes

Best Trail Hiking Shoes Review

Hiking through nature can be an enjoyable and healthy activity as long as you wear high quality trail hiking shoes. The best hiking shoes should protect the hiker’s feet from water, mud, rocks and other hazards experienced on the hiking trail. The trail hiking shoes should support the ankle while not restricting the ankle’s movement.

There are three types of hiking shoes:

1. Mountaineering boots – These hiking shoes are perhaps the most rugged type of hiking shoe. Mountaineering boots are typically used for mountain climbing activities, including hiking in snow and ice.

2. Trail hikers – These trail hiking shoes are designed for muddy paths and steeper inclines. Trail hikers are waterproof hiking shoes with a higher cut to provide protection against rocks and protruding limbs.

3. Trail shoes – These are the excellent for arid climates and easy hiking trails. These hiking shoes are more suitable for relaxed hiking or day trips.

Vibram FiveFingers provides hiking shoes with toes, allowing for better grip and feel of the terrain. While these hiking shoes are light with superior grip, they are not waterproof nor do they protect the hiker’s feet from rocks or other rough terrain.

New Balance hiking shoes come in a variety of styles and colors. The New Balance website lists many different hiking shoes, from light weight trail running shoes to heavy duty, waterproof hiking boots.

Trail hiking shoes provide support and protection for your feet whether you are on California hiking trails or the Appalachian Trail. Hiking shoes or hiking boots are designed to be sturdy and stiff to help protect the feet from rocks, thorns and other hazards on the hiking trail. Hiking shoes also should have a good fit and cushioning to help prevent blisters. Ankle protection is another key factor in hiking boots – especially preventing ankle sprains or twisting.