Best Youth Baseball Gloves: Top 5 Choices

Youth Baseball Gloves

Just because they are intended for younger players, it does not make youth baseball gloves or even softball gloves “one-fit-all” category. Youth baseball gloves should be carefully selected by several important aspects like their size, player position, gender and, most importantly, their proper fit. Ultimately, player position is one of the most important catches when it comes to selecting a perfect mitt since these are precisely tailored to meet those special needs of a certain position. For example, a catcher’s glove will be quite different than a glove of a first base player to meet these specific position needs. Generally speaking, gloves for younger players should fit tighter that those for adults because children gain more control of movement by wearing mitts that fit tighter around their wrists and hands. The fingers are traditionally narrower and shorter than those of adults’ gloves and mitts.

Sporting goods stores’ personnel highly advises parents to invest more time in picking just the right fitting youth baseball gloves that will enhance your child’s performance and allow them to set the right skills foundation for life long enjoyments of the sport. Moreover, once you pick the right glove, make sure you take the time to break them in. Initially, a brand new mitt will feel stiff and will not naturally follow the curves of your child’s hand. Taking the time and efforts to break in your purchase will ensure the right fit and your child enjoying their new purchase. For especially tough to break in areas in the glove, experts recommend you dampen them with hot water or even pound them with a mallet to make the leather more pliable.

Now that you know what is required from youth baseball gloves, let’s take a look at top 5 choices for your young players.

1. Rawlings Revo 750 Series Glove is a perfect all around choice for outfielders and is slightly oversized to fit larger hands of older children. Priced at around $160 this all-leather glove choice takes no time to break in and fits perfectly almost right away minimizing the down time. Additional features of adjustable pocket, extra finger cushioning and just the right web style makes for one perfect starter glove. Not all Rawlings baseball gloves come highly recommended, however, their full grain hide leather products are superior to their vinyl gloves and mitts that are better off avoided due to poor quality.

2. Mizuno Prospect GPL1102 is a well made budget priced selection starting at around $48.99. Mizuno products have superior adjustability of wrist closures and well-crafted lacing that makes for proper sizing and fit. Extra thick foam lining provides excellent cushioning and reduces catcher’s sting. Tartan web design delivers excellent grip for those little hands to hold on to the ball. Mizuno products are usually recommended for 8-12 player age groups.

3. Nokona BL – 1150M Bloodline Infield Glove is one of the higher priced baseball accessories products for youth, however, with proper care these genuine leather creations will last many seasons and start at around $299. Nokona baseball glove have a combination of softness for proper fit and sturdiness and thick lining for comfortable grip one comes to expect from this type of product. Breathable finger stalls eliminate moisture build up and provide an instant perfect fit.

4. All Star CM1100BT Catcher’s Mitt for Youth. All Star products combine superior quality characteristics with a great average pricing at around $64.99. While adjustable wrist velcro closures allow for an ultimate fit, extra soft leather and thick padding make hand closure a breeze.

5. Mizuno Youth Techfire G3 baseball batting gloves are priced at around $29.99 and fit nicely around fingers and wrist providing superior grip and wrist support. Soft but ample padding eliminate batting sting and prolong comfortable game performance.

Once you invest in a nice baseball glove or mitt for your child, teach them the basics of taking care of their prized piece of equipment by storing it in a cool area away from weather elements. Taking time to dry it after game sessions and conditioning the leather every once in a while will help your glove last many years.

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