Bike Helmets For Women

Bike Helmets For Women – Stylish vs Safe!

Before hitting the road it’s important to have the correct biking accessories as they will prepare riders for their journey and can be used for injury prevention. Biking helmets fit into this category perfectly. For women, they can find a wide selection of helmets that are stylish and protects their head.

Here is a look at some bike helmets for women.

The Avenir Devine Design Escape Bike Helmet is the perfect combination of technology and style. The helmet features multiple vents designed to keep their head cool. Additionally, a remote visor is perfect to keep the sun out of a rider’s eyes. When coupled together, this is one of the best bike helmets for women.

Giro Bike helmets have a reputation for their top of the line technology and innovative style. The Gyro Skyla Helmet has a foam liner providing a comfortable fit and the microshell provides additional protection in the unfortunate event of an accident. These features make it one of the best bike helmets for women.

The Bell 2011 Vela has a stylish design and is practical. It comes in a variety of colors and is affordable. It also is easy to put on and the durable outer material and vents provide protection and comfort while on the road.

The Nutcase Bike Helmet is perfect for females looking to customize the helmet’s appearance. The helmet comes in an array of designs perfect for those looking to express their creativity. With an ABS shell and inner foam liner, riders will find this to be the perfect helmet for protection if there is a crash.

These are some of the best bike helmets for women. Riders can pick some of these models up at sporting goods stores where they can also find bike helmets for kids. Cyclists can also buy them online through retailers like REI. Helmets are the ideal protection whether riders are on road bikes for women or ten speed bikes.

Ultimately, women will find the style of the helmets to fit their personality. Additionally, with all technology additions such as foam interiors for shock absorption and hard shell exterior women will love the mix of style and protection these helmets offer.