Billabong Board Shorts

Billabong Board Shorts For Women Review

For years Billabong has been producing clothing for men and women that range from tees to tanks to jackets. Founded in 1973 in Queensland, Australia, Billabong clothing remains possibly the most prominent brand in surfboard shorts, entrancing and cool accessories such as their line, the Billabong rising sun, which includes hats, purses, and sandals; and the Billabong surfboards. With a relaxed and unique design to their creation magic, Billabong is catering to women through their endless choices that comprise dresses, tops, rompers and a colorful vast collection of boardshorts. Billabong boardshorts were designed to stroll and walk in for both men and women. The colors range from rio, a bright pink to chambray to aqua. Coming in a variety of lengths and styles, a surfer girl or women looking to add some pizzazz to their wardrobes are sure to find something amongst the Billabong boardshorts.

Surfboard shorts have always been a popular choice for not just surfers but their partners and even those who consider the look to be chic. Aimed to magnetize attention and to supply comfort, Billabong boardshorts for women, are made of polyester, nylon and cotton and are reasonably priced. Whether it’s the Bob Marley line that includes Smile Jamaica and the Stir It Up or the Adele boardshorts, which are the longest in length among the Billabong boardshorts for women, the company promises a fun addition to your beach clothing. There are also other types of boardshorts such as the Lovvah medium vintage wash and dyed look, which mirror jeans; many floral patterned and earth tone imprinted shorts such as the off black Mucho Amor print and the Carranza woven tapestry look with front pockets. These boardshorts can be purchased at many different retailers that sell surfer and beach attire.

Billabong provides descriptions of each of their offerings on their website, which allows for a clearer cut purchase. There is no other type of boardshort that gives off the allure and appeal as their boardshorts for women do. Welcome a Billabong boardshort into your wardrobe today for a fascinating dip into the coastal waters of the down under apparel giant.