Billabong Surfboards – 7 Picks By Professionals!

Billabong Surfboards

Billabong surfboards remains one of the most recognized brand in longboard surfboards, surfboard shorts and other gear such as their line of Billabong clothing such as the Billabong rising sun. Billabong surfboards were one of the first surfboard companies that made an impact on the water sport by unleashing the leg rope and leash to surfboards. With this expanded awareness to the sport, Billabong surfboards became the most popular brand of surfboard.

There are many different styles and designs that form the Billabong surfboard arena. Admired by professional surfers and novices alike, Billabong surfboards leave an impression on not just the surfer but the spectator. Their line of surfboards that includes the anarchy, shifter, accelerator, waterman, odyssey, fish and Billabong girls is guaranteed to impress even the unlikely surfing candidate. Surfing professionals have their picks on the best surfboards that Billabong sells:

1. The Billabong Dylan Odyssey – providing impactful performance each and every time one surfs the larger waves with a 7’2’’ length and up to 2 ¾ thickness.

2. The Billabong Darcy Waterman – designed for the older surfer who knows the crests, this surfboard competes with the most vicious of waves because of its hip rounded square outline.

3. The Billabong Chili Accelerator – the all around surfboard that suits each and every condition in the water with its paddling capabilities and overall solidity.

4. The Billabong Dylan Anarchy – a high performance model, professionals use this because of its concave precision

5. The Billabong JS Fish – for the smaller waves, this surfboard allows for high acceleration and performance in the waters and up to 19 ¾ width and superb handling abilities.

6. The Billabong Darcy Shifter – known to perform on all types of waves, professionals can ride the waves with ease due to it making way for plenty of room for the feet and looseness for release at the top.

7. The Billabong JS Anarchy – for the all around surfer. Used by both professionals and novices, this surfboard is quick and loose at the same time providing an interesting and captivating surfing experience.

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