Birdhouse Skateboards

Birdhouse Skateboards – Skateboarding in Style!

Skateboard has become one of the most interesting sports of this generation. One way of proving that point is the amazing amount of skateboard fashion that is currently lording over the market. Then again, there can only be a few trusted brands that surely deliver the chills to skaters around the world. One such brand is Birdhouse, the maker of the most unique, most stylish skateboard decks in California.

Birdhouse is mostly known for their skateboard decks. Their complete stable is characterized by what exactly skater want, no matter what kind of ride they prefer. On top of being super stylish, Birdhouse skateboards are very functional. They drive you on top of the key with their carefully structured bodies.

For starters, a skateboard is that ride to heaven. It is composed of mainly three parts, the decks, the trucks, and the wheels. The deck is that flat surface where the skater’s feet go. They are mostly depicted in all kinds of graphic possible to make for a visual tease. Most importantly, skateboard decks have to be functional. They need to fit the feet they are going to serve because that will spell the difference on the rider’s performance. Skateboard decks may look similar but they do come in different shapes and sizes. The distinct shape and size of the deck says a lot about the showmanship of the skater when he’s already up in the air.

Next up is the truck. Every skateboard has two trucks, which is the same number of wheels they hold up. The trucks are usually made of metal. Their major role is to hold the wheels together. Your trucks need to be sturdy enough and pass the requirements of your brand of ride. You cannot go slammin’ with lose trucks on. It would also be too risky on your part. If you are not an expert on trucks, you better ask one for advice. You see, the characteristic of every part of your skateboard will have something to do with how you will enjoy being into the sport in the first place.

If you need to be careful choosing trucks, you must also be cautious about picking your wheels. Wheels are made available in different materials, designs, and make-ups. You have to choose one that best suits your needs and ultimately, your taste in style as well. Of course, before thinking about how your wheels would make an impression on the ramp, you have to consider first if it suits your skateboarding skills in the first place. The style aspect could come in later.

Birdhouse has available skateboard parts in many different varieties. If you are building your own, looking for parts that you want to specify your ride, you can always browse through the range of products they have in store. If you are no expert with skateboard parts, you can always settle on completes. Completes are ready-to-skate-on items. They are made of specifications that might suit what you are exactly looking for.