Boat Gelcoat Repair

Boat Gelcoat Repair Instructions

Boat gelcoat repair can be managed with a gelcoat repair kit in most cases, but care needs to be taken that the repair is done properly for the best possible results. Before you set off on any sailing adventures you will want to make sure that your boat is in ideal condition, and any cracks or damage to the gelcoat can cause leaks. The first step with any boat gelcoat repair is to clean the area which needs to be repaired with a soft cloth and soapy water. This will remove any grime, dirt, and residues on the area, so that the repairs will be effective. Use a towel to dry the surface completely.

Fiberglass boats must have a hard shell covering, and this is what the gelcoat does. Once you have cleaned the area thoroughly you are ready to start the boat gelcoat repair. Place enough of the gel in a small cup to cover the area you will be repairing, and then add any colors if necessary from the color tubes supplied to match the exact shade that your boat is. The next step in the repair or boat restoration is to add the hardening agent to the prepared gel agent, and mix completely by stirring vigorously until there is no longer any red visible.

Once you have the solution prepared for your boat gelcoat repair you simply apply it to the damaged area of the boat with a plastic applicator. This does not have to be neat, as long as it covers the entire damaged area. Now apply the plastic film sheet that was in the repair kit, and smooth it out with your hand. Next you will need to tape the film sheet in place, to protect the gelcoat until it has hardened completely. If you are using boat building plans then you will need to have the initial gelcoat applied over the entire boat, and repair kits are only for patching up smaller areas of damage.