Bones Bearings Boost Your Speed!

Bones Bearings

Bones Swiss, known for producing quality bearings, has been operating in the skateboard industry for over 25 years. Known for fast and long-lasting bearings, many famous skateboarders consider their products as truly exceptional. Professionals like Marc Johnson, Herry Hsu, Guy Mariano, and Rick McCrank can attest to the smoothness and the speed that these bearings bring to their skateboards’ wheels.

Bones bearings have several different models: Bones Swiss Ceramics, Bones Swiss Labyrinth, Bones Super Swiss 6, Original Bones Swiss, and Bones Reds. They are sold in packs of 8 with 4 bearing spacers.

The Bones Swiss Ceramics are high-quality bearings made of 100% silicon nitride ceramics. Unlike the typical bearings that are made out of polished steel, the ceramic balls inside allow your wheels to roll with little friction. Since they are lighter and stronger than steel, you get to accelerate your skateboard at much higher speed. Another thing is that these bearings are very easy to maintain. Cleaning the ceramic balls is easy since they are pretty much resistance to dirt and moisture. One disadvantage of these bearings, though, is that they are quite expensive for a set of 8. At $140, they might be too much for a deck of someone who has just started riding his skateboard. If you do not have the budget yet check out the other bearings that they have.

The Original Bones Swiss are known to be the preferred bearings of many pro skaters around the world. They even last longer than those that have ABEC ratings. These bearings my not give your wheels the speed as the ceramic ones but they promise to boost your speed competitively. Their rubber shields can be easily removed for easy cleaning. Moreover, the ball retainer is made of nylon to further give you that strength you need when riding your deck. Considered as the best selling bearings in the US, these Original bones are pre-lubricated with the racing lubricant called Speed Cream. These Original Bones Swiss bearings are sold for $54.

The Bones Swiss Labyrinth bearings are similar to the Originals; only, their 2 labyrinth seals make these bearings even more dirt-resistance. The shields provide less friction as they are actually non-contact. For just $58, you get the same Original bones performance that last longer than the Originals.

Super Swiss 6 bearings have larger diameter balls , unlike the usual 7 balls found in 608 bearings. These bearings last longer as well since they have non-contact rubber shields that can be removed for easy cleaning. Just like the Originals, they are pre-lubricated and have a nylon ball retainer that provides extra strength and acceleration. The box set of 8 is sold at $54.50.

For amateurs and even pro skateboard enthusiasts, Bones Reds are high-quality bearings sold for only $18. Manufactured in China, these low-cost but durable bearings are pre-lubricated as well. Do not be fooled by the price as they still have that same removable, non-contact rubber shield that lessens the friction in your wheels. Speed and strength are guaranteed to surpass the other bearings sold in the market today.

Amateurs and pros alike trust Bones bearings for their reliability, strength, and speed. Whatever budget you may have, Bones offers bearings without sacrificing performance and durability.

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