Car Racing for Kids

Car Racing for Kids – What Are My Options?

If your family enjoys watching NASCAR or Formula One racing on TV, why not try car racing for kids? Most kids love car racing. They enjoy watching racecars and go kart racing and racing video games.

Slot car racing has been a popular activity for kids for decades. A slot car is a miniature powered car which is guided by a slot in the race track. Slot cars are often scaled models of actual cars. Slot car drivers use a hand held controller to control the speed of the car. Slot cars can be raced on an oval track or as part of slot car drag racing. For decades, slot cars have run on separate lanes. New digital technology has allowed slot cars to share a lane and switch lanes. The challenge of slot car driving is running the race car as fast as possible without losing tracking and de-slotting the car. Slot car racing for kids allows the entire family to enjoy racing fun together.

There are many kids car racing games to play on gaming systems such as X-box and PlayStation including NASCAR video games and monster truck racing games. Kids can even race against other drivers over the Internet. Kids car racing games are growing in popularity and make great Christmas presents and birthday presents.

Another option for car racing for kids is go karts. Go karts for children aged four to seven years old usually have a 50 cc engine and run on Sprint or Speedway tracks. This allows the younger driver to learn driving skills in a safe environment. Sprint go kart takes place on asphalt roads with left and right hand turns, hairpins and straight-aways. Speedway racing is done on oval tracks with left hand turns only (counter clockwise).

Car racing for kids can be enjoyed in several ways, including go karts, racing video games, and slot car drag activities. Get your kids behind the wheel and have fun!