Top 10 Zoo York Skateboard Decks

Zoo York skateboard decks are just one product line by the Zoo York company based in New York City. Zoo York also produces urban sportswear for men and women. Zoo York is a globally recognized brand name with an East Coast Attitude. Zoo York skateboards and clothing products, such as Zoo York footwear, are heavily influenced by New York City skate punk culture – graffiti, hip hop, and punk music. Continue reading Top 10 Zoo York Skateboard Decks

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes Review

While full suspension mountain bikes were introduced in the early 1990s, front suspensions have been around since the early days of the single speed mountain bike of the 1970s. Front suspension mountain bikes are called hardtails since they have no rear suspension. When rear suspensions are added to the front suspension, the mountain bike has a full suspension.

Full suspension mountain bikes have several advantages over their hardtail counterparts. First of all, Continue reading Full Suspension Mountain Bikes Review

Hot Air Balloon Wedding – Love Is In The Air!

If you are getting married, consider one of the most romantic and unique wedding settings – a hot air balloon wedding. What could be more romantic and memorable than exchanging vows high above the ground as you float peacefully over picturesque scenery?

To locate a hot air balloon wedding provider, search the internet for hot air balloon rides. Compare hot air balloon prices and services offered. You may choose to get married while tethered to the ground with your family and friends around or you may float away and tie the knot in hundreds of feet in the air. Continue reading Hot Air Balloon Wedding – Love Is In The Air!

Most Popular Alien Workshop Skateboards

Alien Workshop skateboards are made by Alien Workshop, a company based in Dayton, Ohio and founded in 1990 by Mike Hill and Chris Carter. In addition to skateboards, Alien Workshop sells decks, wheels, apparel, skateboard accessories and completes. Alien Workshop skateboards are known for their artistic graphical style, often including futurism- and paranoia-themed graphics. Alien Workshop is owned by DNA Distribution which also owns Reflex Bearings and Habitat Skateboards. Alien Workshop also sponsors several pro riders, including Rob Dyrdek, Grant Taylor, Anthony Van Engelen and Steve Berra. Continue reading Most Popular Alien Workshop Skateboards

Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Trails in California

California is full of challenging and scenic mountain bike trails. Some of the best mountain bike riding can be found in the state parks and wilderness areas of California. Here are some mountain biking tips and the best trails in California.

1. Tahoe Rim Trail – This trail has three beautiful lakes, Round Lake, Dardanelles Lake, and Showers Lake and several striking volcanic rock formations. Continue reading Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Trails in California

7 Most Interesting Hot Air Balloon Facts

You’ve seen them floating in the sky, but do you really know your hot air balloon facts? For example, hot air balloon flights have a chase crew. This is a ground crew that follows the balloon throughout its flight. The chase vehicle is big enough to handle the balloon, basket, passengers, and pilot. Here are more interesting hot air balloon facts:

1. Hot air balloons were invented in France in the 1700s. The first experimental flights did not include human passengers. Instead animals, including a sheep, a duck, and a chicken were used. Continue reading 7 Most Interesting Hot Air Balloon Facts

Enjoi Skateboard Decks – New Generation of Decks!

Enjoi skateboard decks are arguably the most visually appealing skateboard decks available on the market. Enjoi skateboard decks usually feature the company’s logo, a panda bear and other colorful and creative graphics. Enjoi skateboard decks use epoxy for a lighter yet tougher deck. This allows the skateboard to endure more rough landings while retaining a better-than-average amount of pop. Continue reading Enjoi Skateboard Decks – New Generation of Decks!

Mountain Bike Helmets Review

Mountain bike helmets provide protection for your body’s more important part – your head. Would you drive a car without a seat belt? Neither should you ride a mountain bike without a helmet. A high-quality mountain bike helmet provides protection without getting in the way your biking enjoyment. Here are some considerations when purchasing mountain bike helmets.

Impact resistance – Mountain bike helmets are designed to provide impact protection. Check impact ratings before buying a helmet. Continue reading Mountain Bike Helmets Review