Top 10 Guided Elk Hunts In USA

Guided elk hunts are a great way to enjoy the sport you love. Not only do you get to enjoy the scenic views and hunt in awesome environments, on elk hunting trips you’ll learn from a knowledgeable instructor, which can help you refine your skills as a hunter and lead to hunts that are more successful.

Here is a look at the top ten guided elk hunts. Continue reading Top 10 Guided Elk Hunts In USA

Hog Hunting With Dogs – Why Is It Gaining Popularity?

Hog hunting with dogs has become quite popular recently. There are many reasons for this. People have used dogs in whitetail deer hunting and found how effective they can be in retrieving their prey. Here is a look at why this has translated over to wild hog hunting.

Hog hunting with dogs took off because hunters realized how remarkable a dog’s scent could be when trained properly. Continue reading Hog Hunting With Dogs – Why Is It Gaining Popularity?

Turkey Hunting Gear List – 5 Must-Include Things!

Turkey hunting can be a fun activity provided you have the correct turkey hunting gear. Here is a look at the turkey hunting supplies you will need to have a successful hunt.

1. When you are wild turkey hunting, it’s important to have the proper gear that blends into the environment. This will help you stay hidden from you prey. Included in this are jackets, vests and facemasks. Most gear you will need is available at your local sporting goods stores as well as many online retailers such as Bass Pro Shop. Continue reading Turkey Hunting Gear List – 5 Must-Include Things!

7 Recurve Bow Hunting Tips For Fast Success

Recurve bow hunting is an excellent method to use when bow hunting deer. The recurve on the bow provides more energy, which means you’ll get the maximum effect from each shot. In addition, recurve bows are easier to carry. That way if you are walking a far distance or if storage is a concern this type of bow should minimize difficulty.

Here are seven tips for recurve bow hunting.

1. The first deals with getting the correct size bow. Continue reading 7 Recurve Bow Hunting Tips For Fast Success

Elk Hunting Trips Review

Elk hunting trips can be some of the most memorable hunting trips you can take. Guided elk hunts usually involved traveling on horseback into remote areas and establishing a hunting camp. From there, elk hunters may hike four to five hours per day in search of prize elk. Elk hunters must be in good physical condition, not only due to lengthy hikes, but for hiking in high altitudes such as Colorado elk hunting. Most elk hunting trips do not guarantee that you will harvest an elk during your hunting trip. Continue reading Elk Hunting Trips Review

Top 10 Wild Boar Hunting Tips

Wild boar hunting is one of the most exciting hunting sports. Here are ten tips to make your wild boar hunting trip more productive.

1. Cracked corn and diesel are good baits for attracting boars for wild pig hunting. Adding diesel at a 1:20 ratio helps keep other critters, such as raccoons, away from the bait.

2. Place sow urine in places of high activity. Be sure not to Continue reading Top 10 Wild Boar Hunting Tips

Texas Turkey Hunting Tips

Texas turkey hunting is a fun and exciting outdoor activity practiced all over the great state of Texas. When you go hunting for turkeys, be sure to bring appropriate turkey hunting gear. Here are seven more Texas turkey hunting tips.

1. Ask questions – It is not hard to find a Texas turkey hunting guide or outfitter, but be sure to ask about the ranch lands on which you will be hunting. Ask specifically about how much land will be available to you to hunt. Continue reading Texas Turkey Hunting Tips

7 Interesting Facts About Trophy Whitetail Hunts

For an exciting outdoor adventure, consider trophy whitetail hunts. Hunting trips usually involve getting to the great outdoors, hiking through the woods and camping in a cabin with the guys. Trophy whitetail hunts can also be rewarding, not only for the venison, but also for the memories you will take home with you. Here are seven interesting facts about trophy whitetail hunts.

1. There are various weapons available to the deer hunter: bows, crossbows, handguns, shotguns, and muzzleloaders. Continue reading 7 Interesting Facts About Trophy Whitetail Hunts